A refrigerator that no longer works properly can cause problems. There are various food items in it that must remain refrigerated. When the refrigerator no longer works properly, this can cause the food to spoil and everything can therefore be thrown away. The refrigerator should be repaired as soon as possible, but you do not necessarily have to call in a mechanic. You can also solve many problems yourself. Parts.nl tells in this article how you can solve the refrigerator problems yourself.

The refrigerator no longer cools

A very annoying problem that can often have multiple causes. It is important to see what still works well. If the compressor or motor still starts, this means that the thermostat still sends a signal that the engine must start. The coolant is then no longer pumped around due to another cause, which may be due to a leak in the cooling system or a blockage. Unfortunately, this is no longer worth repairing unless it is still under warranty.

If the engine does not start, the refrigerator thermostat is faulty. This can be the thermostat that you set manually or an electronic thermostat that is connected by a wire to a sensor (NTC). The manual thermostat will in many cases have to be replaced and it is often located on the right side of the refrigerator behind the rotary knob. When you take the thermostat out you will probably see the type or serial number. You can use this to order new parts for your refrigerator yourself.

With an electronic thermostat, you need to check the temperature on the display and see if it shows the actual temperature of the refrigerator. If so, then the NTC is faulty. If the temperature differs greatly, the electronics are probably broken. You can also order parts for this online and try to solve the problem yourself.

freezer compartment defrosts

In this case, the refrigerator may be in a room that is too cold. When the temperature in the environment is colder, the engine needs to start less often. You often encounter this in the winter period. So when the engine no longer starts, the freezer compartment is no longer cooled and it defrosts. Therefore, do not place the refrigerator in an environment of 10 degrees or lower.

Water under the fridge

A refrigerator is equipped with an automatic defrosting system, which ensures condensation drainage. Refrigerators condense on the back, causing the water to run down to the gutter. If the gutter is clogged, the water can no longer drain away, so you get water in the refrigerator. To unclog, carefully pierce the hole.

Preventive maintenance prevents problems with the refrigerator

In addition to solving defects, preventive maintenance can also be useful. If the rubbers of the refrigerator are kept clean, they will last longer. This provides a better seal and is better for power consumption. Also regularly defrost the freezer compartment so that ice does not form. As a result, the NTC will not break and can continue to transmit the signal to the motor of the refrigerator.

For example, a refrigerator repair does not have to be complicated and expensive. The costs of a mechanic can easily be saved by carrying out the repair yourself. For this you simply order the refrigerator parts for the refrigerator online and you can quickly get started repairing the refrigerator.