I’ve done my research and this is what different moms and dads have told me they want to do with their kids when they ‘go back to the old days’. Does it match your dreams with your baby?

Unforgettable vacations 

Depending on the country where we live, it is possible that we already do some things, but always with that fear of getting infected, moving away from the people around us and with a mask and gel. Although we have had to adapt to this new normal, it is clearly not the same!

– Sign up for mother/father and child

activities Family activities on weekends have been greatly reduced by the pandemic. Some parents tell me that they miss being able to go to a cooking or painting workshop with their children and spend a fabulous Saturday afternoon with them doing something different. At home you can always look for alternatives, but the fact of going out to a different place makes a difference.

– Celebrate birthdays in a big way 

have been suspended with the situation, or at least that ‘s how it should be to avoid contagion. It seems that preparing a celebration for our children is one of the things that makes us most excited as parents, because we know that it makes them very, very happy.

– Get together with all the cousins

​​A mother told me that she misses the weekend getaways where they would get together with all the cousins ​​and siblings at the grandparents’ house in the town. They are unforgettable moments in the lives of our children, which allow them to do a lot of activities and games and have a great time. For now, we will have to wait!

– Going to the library

A mother told us that one of the things she misses most about this situation is going to the library one afternoon with her children, rereading some stories, letting them choose their own or even reading some with other parents and children who They like to go to the library. One day, everything will return to normal, and this beautiful experience will no longer be an unrealizable dream.