The spring season table

In March Lady Frost has already arrived to sweep away the cold and snow and King Winter begins his way back to the high mountains. Soon Mother Earth will arrive with the root children and the flower children.

The spring season table is for me the most beautiful of the year and in which the most joyful and significant changes take place. Last year I published a fairly complete post about it: Everything you need to know about the spring season table .

Clean and rearrange the home

As spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, it is a good time to spend some time cleaning and reorganizing our home : wash the curtains, paint a wall, reorganize the cupboards, organize the pantry,…

Children will enjoy participating in these domestic activities. And the older ones can even start doing this in their room, organizing their toys, selecting the ones they no longer use, clothes, shoes,…

In addition, this time is a good energetic moment to dedicate an extra time of self-care . Many naturopaths recommend this time precisely to do a good detoxification of the body, to start exercising again. Keep in mind that if you take care of your own needs, you will be able to take better care of your children.

play in spring

The games in spring also change. There are more daylight hours, better temperatures, we start to go outside more and have the first picnics where the children can get moving.

Going outside allows us to observe the new shoots, the first wild flowers, and to imbue ourselves with the vital force of nature.

We can start right now to prepare the outdoor play area , and on the other hand offer our children game elements that accompany this special energy of the season.

This year we incorporate for the first time  the Spring game set , which I have designed exclusively together with Joguines Grapat , and I have to say that it is the one that I like the most of the entire Seasons series !

It seems unbelievable that almost a year has passed since we began to design, together with the Grapat family, this idea of ​​creating an open, unstructured game set that would represent the essence of each season . It seemed to me something that we had to do, until now nothing similar existed on the market, and taking into account how important it is to accompany children in the annual rhythm, and offer them materials for an authentic and natural game.