Christmas has never been looked forward to for so long. Never by so many people. It has never been so insecure. Because of the corona crisis, everything is really different. There is a very good chance that we will also be able to see and speak to each other less in December. As a result, there is of course no ordinary Christmas. That does not alter the fact that most people are overjoyed that we can almost close the year, hope for a more beautiful and healthy 2021. And a nice farewell party of this difficult year also includes the Christmas tree. But how do you decorate it anyway?

Just now that everything is different, it is high time to tackle the Christmas tree. This year you can make it special. For yourself and the family. In the garden center you see the most beautiful trees every year. Wonderfully decorated, very atmospheric and everything you are looking for in your own tree. You quickly buy all the accompanying Christmas balls , garlands and other decorations and you can’t wait to get started at home. Then you find out to your regret that you almost never get it as beautiful as in the store.

1. Choose a nice color combination

As much as you love color, it’s not smart to decorate the entire tree with different colors and lights. The whole thing quickly becomes too busy. Therefore, choose a beautiful color combination of a maximum of four to five colors. Of course, these colors must be close to each other. Real pros sometimes use five or six, but then you have to be really good at combining them.

This is immediately the biggest difference with most Christmas trees that you see at home. Many people only use one or two colors. However, because of this you miss the necessary depth and it becomes one flat whole. Professionals almost never do that.

2. Alternate materials

Many people choose either matte or glossy Christmas baubles for the tree. According to stylists, you shouldn’t do this. It is incredibly interesting to alternate the different materials. Pick one strain that you want to show off the most and split it about 70 to 30%. Also make sure there is enough variety in shapes. So don’t just hang round Christmas balls, but also use Christmas ornaments in all shapes and sizes. This way you ensure sufficient variety in colour, shape and material and you create one attractive whole.

3. Don’t just put baubles on the ends

Usually we place Christmas balls as visible as possible. Why buy beautiful Christmas baubles when you hang them so deep in the tree that they are almost invisible? Professionals have the answer to this. By playing with the different places in the tree, you simply create more depth in the tree. Hang the most beautiful ornaments and balls on the sides and the simple matte ones close to the trunk. Then divide the simpler balls between the special ornaments. An atmospheric tree with a lot of depth. Decorated in an instant!