It is important that your kitchen is hygienically clean. This is the place where you prepare your food. Special cleaning products are available for cleaning the kitchen, but there are also other solutions for some chores.

1. Cleaning countertops

Household tips for a shiny countertop are always handy. A counter top can be cleaned in different ways.

  • You can clean a marble or granite counter top with hot water. It is useful, for example, to do this immediately after washing the dishes.
  • An artificial granite countertop is cleanest with chlorine, acetone, hydrogen peroxide or bleach.
  • For a stainless steel counter top, use green soap. You can remove deposits or limescale with cola and a scouring sponge. Then rinse the countertop with dishwashing liquid.

To perfectly clean the countertop, use a clean dishcloth every day. Bacteria collect in your dishcloth, so after a day the dishcloth is no longer as clean as it seems.

2. Cleaning kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are collectors of dust, grease and other dirt. You accidentally touch it with dirty hands and dust gets into the cupboards and on top of the cupboards. To prevent dust and greasy deposits on top of the kitchen cabinets, you can put old newspapers on them. You then replace it every month. That way, the fat attack doesn’t stand a chance. You can usually clean the inside of the kitchen cabinets with soapy water from all-purpose cleaner. If there is really a lot of dirt or deposits, a soap solution with chlorine works very well.

Cleaning the kitchen drawer is done with the same cleaning agents. For best results, it is useful to vacuum the drawers before cleaning.

3. Cleaning the kitchen wall

The kitchen wall often gets dirty during cooking. Fortunately, it is not complicated to clean the kitchen wall. A little soapy water with dishwashing liquid is usually sufficient. Dirty joints are cleaned again by scrubbing with an old toothbrush and some vinegar.