A bit of PC gamer eventually finds out that the standard PC from the store just isn’t good enough. You can then start saving for a gaming PC, or build one yourself. For the latter we have here the guide to building a gaming PC for dummies!

Why build your own gaming PC?

As we said before, building a gaming PC is the solution on a PC that can’t play games well enough. Instead of buying a ready-made PC for a few thousand, make one yourself. It may sound crazy, but buying individual parts for a PC is cheaper than that complete PC you’re thinking about right now!

And the price isn’t the only advantage; With your own gaming PC you can choose everything yourself, from operating system to graphics card. This way you can make all your dreams come true. And you don’t have to deal with all that annoying software that comes with a complete PC. You decide what will or will not be installed on your computer and no one else.

Let’s not forget the most important. Of course you’ll feel like a superhero when you’re finally done building your own PC! You’ve made something that most people buy in the store, you’ve poured time and money into something, and you’re proud of the result. You built the gaming PC with blood, sweat and tears and it does it. It’s finished.

What should you do before building?

Most importantly, you know what you need and why you need it. It is also quite important to know a little about electronics. For example, if you’ve never connected anything in your life, chances are you’ll run into problems while building your PC. It also works to open an old PC once, so that you know what the device should look like from the inside.

And all those parts that you need, it is of course important that you know why you need them. For example, it is wise to know what the difference is between a CPU and a GPU. Knowing what a part does makes it easier to figure out exactly what you need. That way you won’t be faced with any surprises!

And then you still have to sort out all your parts. It is important to connect everything properly, because if you don’t do that, you will soon have that certain parts cannot work together. Or you may have a motherboard to which not all components can be connected. Then you have wasted money for nothing! So make sure you do good research before you start.

What do you need to build your own PC?

Besides of course you need tools in the form of screwdrivers, you also need these parts: a processor (CPU), a hard disk and/or solid-state disk, a motherboard, a video card (GPU), RAM (memory banks) , power supply, an operating system and a PC case. If you want, you can still buy fans, a wireless card, maybe some LED lights (for fun) and an optical drive. Hardly any game nowadays uses a disc, but if you want to install Windows with a disc, an optical drive is useful.

The most important parts

Let’s take a closer look at everything, starting with the outside of your PC, the PC case. It’s best to buy a case that lasts a little longer, so you can replace and upgrade some without needing a completely new case. That’s why it’s better to buy one made of metal, these are usually a bit sturdier than the plastic housings. It is also important that you know how many fans are in your housing, and how many you can still put in them. You also have to keep an eye on whether the housing comes with power supply or not.

The processor, or CPU, can come from several companies, the most popular being Intel and AMD. The Intel CPUs are generally better than AMD’s, but AMD’s are usually cheaper. What you should look at when buying a CPU are the sockets. This is a system that keeps the processor in one place and connects the processor and motherboard. Not every motherboard will fit every CPU so keep a close eye on those sockets or you might damage both parts.

If you have a CPU, buy a motherboard that works with the CPU. It is also important that the motherboard fits in your housing. There are different sizes of motherboards available, and each motherboard size has different characteristics. Also check how much RAM fits in your motherboard, most computers have eight to sixteen gigabytes of RAM. Also immediately check which wireless card fits in your motherboard, so that you can have a wireless internet connection if you want.

The operating system will cost you the most and we can immediately exclude Apple, because the Apple operating system cannot be purchased separately. So your best bet is Windows, which is quite expensive, especially since you need a 64-bit system to get the most out of your memory. What you have to do is buy a Windows 10 license code, with which you can activate a legal version of Windows 10 on your PC after you have installed it. You then download the installation of Windows on a USB stick so that you can install it on your new PC.

Over CPU en GPU

Your CPU usually comes with a built-in video card, but it won’t be enough to run the latest games. There are video cards, or GPUs, for sale from various manufacturers, Nvidia being the most popular. This is mainly due to the PhysX technology that is built into these video cards and which many games use.

For a video card you also have the option to buy a so-called aftermarket card. These are cards with, for example, a chip from Nvidia, but the rest is made by another company. Companies that make these cards include Gigabyte, MSI and Zotac. There are many people who wait for an aftermarket card when a new model comes out, usually these cards have a better price/quality ratio. For example, the cooler is usually better in an aftermarket card.

Cheap options for your first gaming PC

Stores such as bol.com, MediaMartk and Coolblue all sell the necessary parts for your PC and Tweakers allows you to compare different options. To make it a bit easier, we have listed a number of bargains and buying tips for you.

The best way to buy on Windows 10 is to buy a license key. This code gives you the opportunity to activate an operating system that is actually very expensive for next to nothing. You can download the installation files from the Microsoft website and put them on a USB stick. Then when you install Windows 10, all you need to do is enter the code to get a legitimate version. If you then link the code to a Microsoft account, you can take it with you to the next computer you want to use it for.

At Coolbue you can buy used motherboards for a good price. These motherboards may have been used once, but they have certainly not been written off. Coolblue also has the option to automatically buy housings with a suitable motherboard and suitable power supply, so that at least in that respect you know that everything fits.

Via bol.com you have the option to buy from many online stores, so within that website you have different versions of the same product, all of which have a different price. So check where you can buy the product for the best price and don’t immediately buy the first product you see.

At the MediaMarkt you can immediately buy parts in the store. That may not be the cheapest option, but it saves you shipping costs and you can be sure that nothing accidentally breaks during shipping. You may think that packages are handled economically, but that is not always the case and your equipment is vulnerable.

Building Gaming PC for Dummies – Do It Yourself!

Are you fully motivated to build a gaming PC? Great, because that was our intention! Of course this guide only discusses the basics of building a PC and you will of course still have to learn something, but at least I’ve already taken a step with this! Do you want to know more about building a PC? Then we have an article with building tips and an article with the six most important parts for your PC.