Based on the premise that a person’s scent reveals information about how they are, what do you think would be the ideal fragrance for your partner? If you don’t know yet, this information will help you.

For him, wearing a fragrance from a prestigious brand represents the realization of a material achievement. He opts for woody scents accented with warm notes of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood or vetiver.

Best Perfumes for your Partner

Lyric Man Eau de Perfume

Lyric Man Eau de Perfume is a delicious perfume that smells of lime and bergamot. Sweet and a little dry at the same time. With a touch of Rose, Angelica, Ginger, Saffron, Orange Blossom, Nutmeg and Galbanum in the middle that gives it a touch of freshness with the base note of Musk, Frankincense, Pine, Sandalwood and Vanilla. It has such a rich smell that it makes you want to eat it. And that smell on the skin is super sexy.

Pour Homme Essence Aromatique Eau de Cologne

Pour Homme Essence Aromatique Eau de Cologne is a perfume to wear every day. It is literally addictive. You can’t stop smelling it. It is somewhat less sensual than any other perfume. It doesn’t have the same intensity or the same rebellious attitude, but it is more balanced and perfect for summer.

  • Top notes: Citruses and Bergamot, 
  • Heart notes: Siberian Pine and Indonesian Patchouli Leaf
  • Base notes: Cedar

Monsieur Eau de Perfume

Monsieur Eau de Perfume is one of those cases in which the smell of a fragrance transports you to another place. It is an elegant perfume but cheerful at the same time. Unlike other perfumes on the list, this one is not nocturnal at all.

How to choose a perfume?

Among what you should know to choose a perfume we can highlight:

  • Find out if your partner likes to change fragrances or if he is faithful to a certain perfume. If you like to always wear the same one, look for others that are similar, but not the same, make a difference!
  • Take your partner to a shopping center and go through the perfumery area, where they will surely give you various samples. Observe the reactions he has to each of them and, if he likes any of them, that’s the choice! You do not necessarily have to buy the perfume at that moment, because your love would notice, but remember very well the name of the fragrance. Later you can buy it there or even online. At BeautiNow, where they offer you the same brand name products at low prices.
  • Also take into account the age of your partner, as there are aromas designed for different stages of life.

Finally, if on a day of searching for the ideal fragrance for your partner you are not convinced, do not worry. It is better that you make several comparisons, but not more than three per day, because your sense of smell and brain will be saturated and you will no longer distinguish the differences in aromas.