Have you had it with the high energy bill? To help you save energy in your business and save hundreds of euros a year, we give you a total of 90 interesting tips and facts: from small life hacks to larger, sometimes structural works.
We have advice that you can immediately apply to save energy in your business and of which you can immediately see the result on your energy bill. To apply some other tips to consume less, you will have to take a little more time. There are tips that do not require an extra investment, for other tips you must provide an additional budget. But those investments will pay you back in the long run. So something for every (budget) taste!


Whether you have a construction company, flower shop or chicory nursery, it is not that difficult to keep your energy consumption within limits. And that without you or your customers having to sacrifice comfort.
Not only does heat escape through uninsulated roofs and walls, the condition of the windows is just as important. Do you still have single-glazed windows? Then know that windows with double glazing can give you four to six times less heat loss. If you immediately opt for high-efficiency glass , you can calculate your energy gain here .
Did you know that a building loses up to 30% of its heat if the roof is not insulated? Insulating your roof is therefore more than worth the investment. Count on an amount of 40 euros per square meter for roof insulation. This price is only an indication and depends on the type of roof (sloping or flat) and the insulation material used. Be sure to consult a recognized professional in your area for a well-developed quote.
The cavity wall is the space between the inner and outer wall of your business. It prevents moisture problems, but also has an insulating function. It is also possible to insulate a cavity wall. Cavity wall insulation is available from about 17 euros per square meter. Curious about the profit you can make when you invest in cavity wall insulation? This tool from the Flemish government will let you know immediately.
Insulation is inseparable from ventilation . When you resolutely choose to insulate your business thoroughly, you should not overlook good ventilation. Isn’t this kind of investment for now? These little tips will also get you on your way:


Considering that half of the energy costs on the bill are attributable to heating, it is no understatement to think that a lot of savings can be made here. One smart intervention, turning the thermostat back one degree (or a bit more), will therefore quickly feel in your wallet. Rest assured, you don’t have to turn your business into a refrigerator where the heating is barely allowed. Comfort comes first! You can regulate the temperature in your business with minor interventions. For example, turn the thermostat off or lower an hour before closing time. Please note that the temperature difference between inside and outside does not exceed 5 °C. Otherwise, more energy is needed to get up to temperature.
Place reflective foil on the back of the radiators. This ensures that the heat is reflected back into the room instead of the heat disappearing into the walls. Also, do not place large furniture in front of the radiator, as this prevents the heat from entering the room.
A slightly larger investment, but one where you will quickly notice the difference: the installation of a condensing boiler.Does the heating in your business still run on an older central heating boiler? A high-efficiency boiler that runs on natural gas is much more efficient and energy-efficient than a central heating boiler. The condensing boiler will condense the moisture released from the combustion gases. The heat released during this process will be used to heat up the water in the boiler. For a condensing boiler you must provide a budget of at least 2,500 euros. You can save as much as 11% on your energy bill by installing a condensing boiler. If you would like a ‘greener’ system, combine your condensing boiler with solar panels to create a so-called solar gas combi. This way you save even more on your energy costs and you do the environment a favor.


Which is the most energy-efficient lamp? One that doesn’t burn. Although of course you have a lot of dark days ahead. However, there are many smart interventions that help you to use the lighting in a more energy-efficient way.
Even during the darkest days of the year, the sun is an efficient source of light. Do not block shop windows , windows and doors with posters and posters. Let the sunlight flow freely! In areas where natural light is not sufficient all day, a timer can automatically control additional lighting.
Daylight sensors are an additional application that allows you to save even more energy. Especially if you have a lot of light from the sun. They ensure that you maintain a constant light level. If there is sufficient light, the daylight sensor will automatically dim the lighting. This also automatically reduces energy consumption.


Is the dishwasher working overtime in your brasserie? Or are you busy with the hairdryer all day long? When it comes to appliances in your business, you can make a lot of smart choices to save energy.
Appliances with an A label are the most economical. Those with a G label consume the most. Be sure to replace appliances that are older than 15 years with new appliances.
Switch off appliances completely after use. Standby lights that glow or flash day and night consume power. This standby consumption unnecessarily adds to your electricity bill.
Install power strips with on/off switch. That way you can easily switch off devices that you don’t use together.


Why rely on others to power your business? Get your own energy from the sun with solar panels. That way you don’t have to fear overwhelming energy bills. You are in control of your own green energy. Interesting, isn’t it?
Investing in solar panels is a smart move. Not only will your energy costs fall, the value of your property will increase. The E-level, how your business performs in terms of energy efficiency, is declining nicely. The lower this score, the louder you can cheer.
The investment in solar panels will pay for itself in five to six years , because the technology has become a lot cheaper compared to the early years.
A sunny day? With a reversing counter you can see your energy bill drop ‘live’, as it were. The efficiency of your solar panels depends on many factors. In this blog we will clarify this for you and you will discover many tips to enjoy your own solar energy to the fullest despite a lesser roof pitch or a non-south-oriented roof.


Are you leaving for a delivery or an order? Then saving energy doesn’t have to stop. On the contrary. Not only do you save energy, but you also inspire your customers. What can you do?
With electric driving you not only care for the environment, you also save on your energy bill. You enjoy tax benefits if you opt for electric driving. The road tax is free until 2020. And in Flanders you are exempt from the Tax on In Traffic (BIV) if the CO2 emissions of your car are lower than 50 g/km. Did you know that there is also a wider range of electric vans on the road? You load them where and when you want. Do you have solar panels? They form a perfect combo with your car.