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Motivation prompts a certain behavior because you think you need something or have a goal you want to achieve. It is an inner strength that pushes you to do something with passion, perseverance and enthusiasm. Keep going when the going gets tough. Go all out for what you want to achieve. Continue to realize that sale. Motivation is important for achieving great goals.

Motivation is usually driven by either avoiding pain or attracting pleasure. You may just want to get rid of something, such as smoking or being overweight, both harmful to your health. Or that empty bank account that limits you in all your dreams. You may also want to go somewhere sooner, to have fun. You want to achieve a certain goal such as more turnover for your business, better health for that fit feeling, more knowledge or more time for yourself.

Motivation is a verb and there are different ways to motivate yourself. It is important that you can motivate yourself to achieve success. Some techniques suit you better than others.

The reasons why you want something yourself will determine the degree of your motivation. If you have many reasons, the need and desire to achieve something will be much greater. It follows that your motivation will also be stronger and you will continue to persevere in the face of headwinds. That is your intrinsic motivation, from within yourself. There is a distinction between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. In exotic motivation, your desire is generated by external factors, other people or causes. Rewards such as candy for children, bonuses for employees or avoidance of a certain risk. When those external factors disappear, motivation usually disappears as well.

Focus on your intrinsic motivation. Here are 35 tips to motivate yourself. You can do much more than you think you can with the right techniques.

1- Clearly know what you want to achieve.

Clearly define your goals. Clear goals, with many reasons why you want to achieve them. We are not talking about a To-Do list that you use every day. No, defining your goals is the detailed elaboration of your goals and dreams and the results you want to achieve. Immediately link a time schedule to it: short, medium or long term. What do you want your life to look like in 5 years? What makes your heart beat faster? And how are you going to achieve that today? What knowledge and skills do you need to hone to achieve this?

Write these goals down with a strategy and an action plan. Divide your action plan into daily goals. Read them daily or better yet, rewrite them daily. Make them measurable, with a deadline. Take action. Create your own Master Plan.

2- Make your goals visible.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was fascinated by the subconscious, the power of your brain. He said there are two kinds of visualizations. That of the past, what we call memories and that of the future, what he called creation. By visualizing the future you can create the future. Visualize your dreams and goals wherever you can. I myself have a “dreamboard” with pictures of my goals. I can see my board from my bed. My wife has hers just next to it. I look at it every morning when I get up and every night before going to sleep. I visualize what it would be like if I had achieved those goals; how that would feel, smell, how I could look at the realization, listen…

3- Denk “outside of the box”.

Take a different look at your goals and the actions you take. If you always do what you always did, you get what you always got. Get new motivation by doing things differently. Don’t keep jogging the same lap, but look for new ways. Try new things. Go somewhere different as usual. Talk to someone else. Look for new angles.

4- Remove your jammers.

What are jammers? Anything that distracts you from your goals, it can be interruptions from other people, and equally it can be a cluttered room that excites you. Or a certain sound that irritates you. Highly sensitive people are very sensitive to their environmental factors.

5- Create your mental spam filter.

All of us have that little voice in our head that often gets in the way of certain things. Such as ‘I can’t do that’, ‘I can never do this’, ‘what are people going to say’ or ‘what will that customer think of me if I keep convincing him to buy’? That voice reacts based on the upbringing you have been given, you have been conditioned from an early age. Or that reacts based on a number of previous experiences and concludes that it will be the same next time. Not so. Your past is not the norm for your future. Ask yourself the right questions and think in possibilities, not in obstacles. “How can it be?” or ‘How will it work?’.

Change your perception, you help the customer decide by continuing in the sales conversation.

Don’t make assumptions about what people will think. Usually they are wrong. Be aware of your thoughts and ask yourself the right, positively focused questions. Go for the gold.

6- Surround yourself with people who give you energy and a good feeling.

Stay away from people who bring you down. Sometimes you have people who suck all the energy and motivation out of your body. Complainers, whiners, people who slow you down because they don’t dare themselves. Stay away from those negative people and connect with like-minded people, people who motivate you.

Stay away from people who are condescending about your ambitions. Small-minded people tend to do this, while big-minded people make you feel like you can achieve your goals.

7- Find positive examples, find a mentor or coach .

 keep your motivation high and help you achieve your goals. One of my examples, Jim Rohn, said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Our decisions, self-esteem and thinking patterns are influenced by your environment more than you can imagine. The law of averages plays a major role here. Banish negativity from your environment. Find inspiring and enterprising people to hang out with. Also make new friends. We perform better and are more motivated in an environment that reflects our own values ​​and beliefs.

8- Get things done.

Unfinished business keeps haunting us in our minds and consumes energy and gives a lot of unnecessary stress. Unfinished business prevents you from focusing on other things. And a mountain of small unfinished business will quickly take up a lot of space on your to-do list and make it harder for you to focus. A golden rule is also, if you can do it in less than 5 minutes, do it now, right away. Work it out.


9- Control your energy. 

 The beneficial effect of a fit body has a positive influence on everything you do, on your energy level and therefore also on the volume of work you can do. As an entrepreneur or salesperson, you need a lot of energy to see those extra customers, attend that event or make those prospecting calls.

It’s breaking the chicken-and-egg story. Exercise makes you produce more hormones. There are four chemicals that make us feel super good. Endorphins, which give us the ability to work hard. Dopamine, which allows us to focus and get things done. Oxcytocin, to make us better problem solvers, and serotonin, which can make us feel proud. Not tired and listless but fitter, feeling better and very motivated to take more action. And thus achieve more results.

10- Garbage in, garbage out.

Stop watching endless TV, surfing the internet and spending hours on Facebook. Not only a lot of time wasted, but also useless information that you store. Information that does not work for you, on the contrary. It demotivates. Because on Facebook and Instagram you see the ideal lives full of the so-called moments of happiness of others. It does not encourage thinking, taking action for your own goals.

11- Read success stories.

 People who have achieved what you want. role models. Read how you too can develop the skills to grow specifically to what you want. Read biographies and autobiographies of successful people and be inspired. What others can do, you can too.

12- Make a list of 50 reasons why you specifically want something.

 The more reasons, the stronger your intrinsic motivation will be to do what it takes to achieve your goals. Because of that strong intrinsic motivation, that desire, you will be able to process setbacks more easily and take various initiatives.

13- Celebrate small successes, celebrate your ‘Quick Wins.

 This puts you in a pleasant mood, a wealthy mood. You break a pattern of mediocrity, you feel like a winner. And we get the most done when we’re in a wealthy mood. Make success a habit.

14- Play music that gives you energy.

 Pause your work for a moment and enjoy that music. Link it to achieving your goals. Then go back to work with renewed courage.

15- See failure as a learning process.

You then know what not to do and you can discover a new way of how to do it. Failure is good, you learn from it. Don’t let it discourage you. Don’t listen to others. Better to try and fail than to never know if it worked.

16- Make a mantra.

A saying or saying that is a positive affirmation. Like ‘I’m a go-getter’. You are conditioning your subconscious, as it were. I used to overcome my fear of flying with a mantra. Mantras help me through the last miles of a marathon when all my energy has been used up.

17- Read about your goals daily.

Read books and blogs about what you want to achieve. Reading about it will make you more focused and more enthusiastic. With more motivation as a result. By reading about it you will quickly become an expert. Read one book a week and after a year you will have read 50 books about your goal. Who can imitate you?

18- Think of all the benefitsand not the problems.

 Make your goal so big and attractive that the problems that arise are small in proportion to what you want to achieve. Think what it will do to you if you have already achieved those goals. Focus your thoughts and actions in a solution-oriented way, think in possibilities and be open to new ideas.

19- Always keep the end result in mind.

Feel it, smell it, see it, use all your senses to already experience your result. Continuously keeping the end result in mind will allow you to more easily recognize and seize opportunities. What you focus on grows.

20- Be gentle with yourself.

Give yourself the best, you are worth it. Demand a lot from yourself to get ahead without it bringing you down. As with ‘celebrate your successes’, it is ‘indulge yourself’. Surround yourself with fun and quality things.

21- Be thankful for all the good you already have.

Every day think of at least three things for which you are grateful, write them down in a ‘gratitude’ booklet. Write down the good things that happen to you and enjoy them over and over. Rereading it will put you in a happy mood.

22- You don’t have to be modest, don’t hold back.

Go for your goals without false modesty. Think big and think bold. You don’t have to slow down for others as long as you don’t harm them.

23- Make a short list of your goals and put it in your wallet.

Read them every time you pay for something. Have you done anything for your goals today? Already taken action?

24- Use only positive words.

Go through your list of goals and replace all negative words and phrases with positive words. Replace ‘I must’ with ‘I want’. You are in control, I want is much more powerful and is an intrinsic motivator. Don’t say ‘I had to quit smoking’, phrase it like ‘I’m a non-smoker’.

25- Let go of things that affect outside your circle.

Your circle influences the things that you personally can change. You cannot change things over which you have no influence, eg the opinion of others or the weather, so let those things go. It will give you more peace of mind and you can focus on the things that can influence you.

26- Ban the following words from your vocabulary.

 Try, maybe, yes but. These words shift the responsibility from yourself to someone else. Trying is already an excuse that it won’t work. Change try to “I will” or “I choose” to do this.

27- List your best personal qualities.

Work on your confidence. Review what you have already achieved through those qualities, the successes you have achieved thanks to those personal qualities such as perseverance or creativity. Feel that sense of success. You have a lot to be proud of.

28- Do exactly what makes you uncomfortable.

That which you are afraid of. Then you grow, then you move forward. Stretch your comfort zone. The stretch zone eventually becomes a new comfort zone. Often these are things that others do not like to do. You already take the lead. Uncomfortable is good.

29- Be aware of your body language.

Make a strong impression on others as well as on yourself. Shoulders straight, feet firmly on the ground, open stance. This makes you strong and open-minded and gives you confidence. According to psychologist Amy Cuddy, Power Moves also automatically secrete more testosterone, making you feel stronger.

30- Plan your week in detail.

What do you eat? When do you exercise? How much turnover do you want to achieve? Who do you want to see and speak to? Coachingplanet has a unique workshop about this “Become an Architect of your Own Life”

A personal business plan, as it were. Plan what is important to you. Live your own agenda and not that of others.

31- Work Hard, Play Hard.

Make sure you have enough rest, relaxation and fun. Laugh a lot, visit your friends and family. The spring cannot always be tensioned. By letting go of everything every now and then, you will be able to focus all the harder and work harder to achieve your goals.

32- Interrupt your routine.

Take a different route to work. Do something you normally never do. Watch a different kind of movie that you are used to. Or read a book on a subject you are not familiar with. Stretch and be curious. Don’t be afraid of change.

33- Insert a new diet.

News is usually bad news that subconsciously makes you feel worse. Watching the news before going to sleep is not advisable, your subconscious absorbs this. Lots of bad news makes some people unconsciously negative and despondent.

34- Realize that many things you do are your own choices

.It can be liberating. Realize that in everything you think, do and feel you have a choice. This realization will keep you from playing a victim role and going through life. Avoid victim thinking and take control. Be a winner. You have the power to live the life you want.

35- Make it a habit to take a cold shower.

The invigorating feeling of a cold shower will kick-start the day. Not only good for your health, your blood circulation is stimulated, it is especially good for your feeling. It gives a powerful sense of control over yourself. You feel strong and it works positively. And positive thoughts attract positive opportunities.


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