The holidays arrive, the days without school or the rainy weekends that you cannot leave the house and it is difficult to keep our children entertained. The day is very long and it is normal for them to get bored if there is no scheduled leisure activity. That’s why we want to give you some simple ideas to spend time with them with materials that we all have at home. Fun games for children under 6 years old that will keep them entertained while you work or do different tasks, although we also recommend you to do some with them.

1. Learn to tie your laces

Take a large cardboard, paint a shoe on it with crayons or temperas and make some holes in the cardboard right where the holes through which the shoelaces pass would be located. Put a real cord and play to put the cords through each hole to finally tie them. With this psychomotricity practice they will learn to tie their shoes in a fun way and without getting overwhelmed! And they will gain in autonomy!

2. Plant a mini garden in the garden or on the balcony

Go to the nearest nursery and buy a planting kit to plant a small garden at home . Have them participate in planting the seeds and watering the plants until suddenly they see the first sprout grow. They will understand where vegetables, vegetables or aromatic herbs come from. And when it’s time to eat them, they will be very proud of having contributed to the growth of these foods!

3. Counting with toothpicks

Take wooden toothpicks and colored rubber bands and group them into hundreds and tens. Leave 20 loose toothpicks without grouping in rubber bands. Recycle two polystyrene trays from the supermarket, distribute the packets and loose toothpicks in each of the two trays and play adding the quantities of both trays. Through manipulative materials, your children will understand addition in a natural and reasoned way.

4. Carry out experiments

Take a bottle of oil, a detergent, and a water bottle and add quantities of the different liquids to teach them the concept of density. They are small, we know, but for them it will be like conducting an experiment . Explain that oil floats on top of water because it has a lower density. Even if it seems early for an abstract concept even for them, they will be preparing to understand it later!

5. Does it float or sink?

 Take a bucket and fill it with water. Take everyday objects such as wood, cork, plastic stopper, paper, a coin, a nail or a pencil sharpener. Start throwing some objects into the water, but ask your children first what they think will happen, whether they think it will float or sink. They will like to check if they have won or lost. You can take the opportunity to tell them that things float because their weight is less than the push and that things sink because their weight is greater than the push.

6. Create stamps with potatoes

You will need potatoes, temperas, a punch and a cutter. You will have to do this craft because sharp objects are involved. Leave the paint stamping part to your kids. Cut the potatoes in half and draw a simple shape on the potato with the punch. It can be a heart, a star or whatever you want. Go over the outline with the cutter, carving it into the potato. Remove the excess and you will have the seal. Dip it in paint and stamp it wherever you want.

7. Making your own magic sand

Surely you have seen magic sand before . It is a sand that is sold for children to model it. But, did you know that you can make it yourself at home? We tell you how! You only need a glass of fine sand, a tablespoon of corn flour, a glass of water, a teaspoon of liquid detergent and food coloring. First you have to mix the sand and flour. Then you must add the water and the detergent. Mix and knead until you get the right texture. Add a few drops of the dye of the color you prefer and ready to model!

8. Create figures with tissue paper Tissue

paper is a material that children like very much. Use creativity to make shapes with it. For example, something very common is to fold it like a fan and make wings for a butterfly. You can also tear it and make small balls and stick them on a cardboard on a drawing that you have previously done. The idea is to fill the contours with balls of tissue paper of different colors.

9. Write your name with water

For the times of the year when the heat is on and the temperatures don’t drop below 35 degrees, we have the best ideas! Take a water gun or flus-flus, stand in front of a wall and ask the child to write his name. It will dry quickly, we know, but it will be one of the most fun.

10. Let’s cook!

Your children will love that you count on them to make the menu of the day. In addition, you will be initiating them in the world of cooking . There are plenty of non-dangerous tasks like mixing ingredients, keeping an eye on the oven, or creative plating. In addition, it will take less time to prepare your dishes and they will feel proud.

11. Clean up the forest or park in your city

This activity to do outside the home helps make your children aware from a young age of the importance of keeping the environment clean. You can dedicate one day of the weekend to collecting remains of what has begun to be called ‘garbage’ or rubbish dumped in nature in rural settings or on the beach. Wear nitrile or latex gloves and pick up any debris you see on the ground. Put them in a bag and when you have finished, throw them in the corresponding container.

12. Do the cartwheel

Childhood is full of milestones like the first step, the first missing tooth, the first day they learn to ride a bike. The day a child learns to do a cartwheel should not be overlooked. With your help and a little training, you can have them master this technique in just a few days .

13. Look at the clouds

One of the easiest and cheapest activities you can do with your children is to lie on the ground looking at the clouds. Ask your child to tell you what shapes or creatures they see in the clouds as they float by. You might be surprised at what you come up with! Imagination to power !

14. Mimicking movements in the mirror

Another acting game: Sit in front of your child and tell him that you are playing the mirror and that he has to reflect every movement that you make. Then change and follow your offspring. Simple, true, but most addictive.

15. Finish the story

You may have played this game when you were little and went to summer camp . Basically, one person starts a story and then passes it on to the next person, in this case his son, to continue it. So you could say: ‘Once upon a time there was a green frog who lived in a pond and had a best friend named…’. Creative, imaginative and endless, because you can keep the story going for days if you want.

16. Painting with the toes

Whenever we think of making a drawing , paints come to mind, of course, and hands. But this time… let’s go further! We suggest you choose a marker and place it between your toes. Do you dare to give free rein to your imagination and your mobility? What will come of all this? Something very cool for sure!